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Life doesn’t always go smoothly and at times can seem like everything is spinning out of control. This is something that most of us are faced with at some point during our lives, and it can be a very hard and lonely road to travel but we mostly somehow manage to make it to the other side. For some though, due to a complex combination of past, present or future issues, it can seem like there is no hope or options, especially if complicated by trauma, loss, isolation or mental health issues. It can seem like the world is crashing down around you. It is during these times that you must try to remember that there is hope and help!

Helping Adults...

The Talk Suicide Support Team are here to walk beside you, to hold space, to listen and to care, while together we explore pathways to hope and help.

Our experienced Support Coaches will work with you to coordinate appropriate care pathways with other community supports to best address your specific practical needs, and provide emotional support while working toward meeting these needs. We will spend the time to talk about your suicidiality, your past, present, and your hopes for the future with the goal of setting you on the path towards a more resilient you.

Through in-depth safety planning, we encourage self awareness of how to identify situations and/or events that have contributed to your mental and emotional pain and explore new and old ways of how you can respond to stressors in addition to building external support systems that you can turn to to manage the tough times and challenges that life presents both now and in the future.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we will work with you to identify how we, with the help of family, friends and other identified relevant supports can best meet your specific needs.

You are not alone – reach out today!

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Helping Youth…

Managing the pressures of school, university, family, friendships and life in general can be overwhelming! Exams, conflict in relationships, pressures to succeed or even just feeling like no one understands are very real issues and one’s that our Talk Suicide Mentors can help you sort through.

Our work with youth focuses on positive role modelling. We can help you to identify coping strategies to deal with issues often experienced by young people which sometimes result in overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety and suicide. We can support you in developing skills in areas such as communication, goal setting, problem solving, self-esteem and resilience building. Our goal is to walk with you and give you the knowledge and skills to negotiate life’s challenges.

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Helping Families and Friends….

It can be difficult to understand how and why someone would consider suicide an option unless we have walked in those shoes ourselves. This is because Suicide is individual in that the reasons one person may consider suicide an option will be entirely different from another.
Being close to someone who feels suicidal or who has attempted suicide can take a lot of time and emotional energy.

It is common for families, friends and carers to feel a sense of burden, guilt or frustration when offering support to someone who feels suicidal. It is important to remember that these are natural responses to a difficult and stressful situation.

The Talk Suicide Support Team works with and supports family members, friends and carers to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding of suicide to be able to support their loved one. In addition we work to ensure that they themselves practice self-care as being in such a demanding support role can be very difficult and often negatively impact their own physical, mental and motional health.

Call or email us today – the best support is one in which we all work together!

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Collaborating with Health and Community Workers….

Supporting clients or patients at risk of suicide can be difficult for even the most seasoned practitioner with pathways often leading to hospital. There is however an alternative for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts where threat is not imminent.

Talk Suicide Coaches and Mentors work closely and collaboratively with health and community workers to ensure that their clients receive comprehensive wrap around support in dealing with their suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours in hope of achieving greater positive and sustainable outcomes than working in isolation from each other to the detriment of the individual.

Our collaborations extend to General Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Community Health Workers and other Community Support Organisations.

If you are working with patients, clients or students that you feel may benefit from additional support in managing their suicidiality, making a referral is as simple as completing the referral form online. Likewise, if you yourself need support and guidance in working with people at risk, we would love to hear from you because together we can make a difference!