Suicide Prevention Pathways (SPP) delivers services and programs to raise awareness of suicide in our communities through individualised coaching, mentoring, training and education.  SPP specialises in providing care and support to those at risk of suicide aged 15 years and over and their support networks.

Talk Suicide Support

Talk Suicide Support provides care and support to individuals 15 years and over, their families and friends and their support networks.

We provide Outreach support through the Brisbane region and surrounds and extends our reach to other regions through telephone and web based support options.


We aim to promote safety by developing individuals awareness and skills to manage their suicidiality by tapping into their existing skills and resources to do so.

We use a true collaborative model of care in building support networks  to keep an individual connected and safe.


Our strengths based, person centred support ranges from brief intervention through to advanced skill building dependent on each individuals needs and goals in their journey toward hope. We believe that the key ingredients to suicide prevention is awareness, connectedness, and purpose and we work toward helping individuals achieving these.


We strive to help individuals realise their own potential and the strength that already exisits within to overcome lifes challenges. We work collaboratively with and support families, friends, and other supports to build awareness, understanding, safety and connectedness both now and in the future.

Youth Talk Suicide

Our primary goal of  Youth Talk Suicide is to help build and expand stable support networks to meet the practical and emotional needs of the individuals and work toward building resilience and hope for a bright future.


Youth Talk Suicide works to engage and collaborate with youth through schools, youth groups, community activities and through initiatives such as our Youth Advisory Group who help us to understand the challenges faced by youth today.


SPP Talk Suicide Support provides practical and emotional support to those 15 years and over at risk of suicide. Our focus with youth is on positive role modelling while helping them build skills and strategies to navigate life’s challenges.


We seek to increase the capacity and confidence of families,friends and those in support roles to recognise the signs of a person at risk of suicide and what they can do to help.

Talk Suicide Education

Talk Suicide Education seeks to empower communities through education, increase understanding of the prevalence and devastating effects of suicide in our society, and create communities that are equipped to help reduce the number of lives lost to suicide.